5 Tips to Help You Find the Perfect House Plan

Are you excited by the idea of a new home, but you can’t seem to narrow down all the amazing choices into the one that is just right for you? Here are five questions to ask yourself to help you zero in on a great plan that will complement your life and your style!

With large windows and wide open spaces, House Plan 9625 is ideal for those who enjoy to stretch out.

1. Do you want a small and cozy or large and breezy feel?

Be honest about square footage and layout from the start. Both small and large homes have their selling points, and if you get an otherwise fantastic house that isn’t the size you need, it just won’t be as comfortable as you expected.

 This modestly-sized floor plan has a guest bedroom and a study, both of which can serve as children’s bedrooms until they leave the nest.

2. Can you expect the kids to move out?

Hopefully you can decide on a number of required bedrooms and bathrooms, but what are the plans for the future? If you have older children, you might want to look into plans with offices and flex spaces that can act as bedrooms, but that you can repurpose once they’re all moved out. It would be lonely to have a bunch of empty rooms, after all!

This is a kitchen made for a cook. House Plan 5555 clearly caters to large families and serious hosts.

3. How likely are you to actually use the kitchen?

Kitchens are important, and growing fondness for built-in and luxury appliances is causing house designs to get creative. Some have massive kitchens that are great for hosting, while others make efficient use of a tighter area to allow for larger living spaces. So decide on how important the kitchen is to you—it has a pretty big impact on how the rest of the house is laid out.

With flexible spaces, minimal use of halls, and a walk-in shower with a seat, House Plan 3153  is meant to support its owners over the years.

4. Will you continue to be as active as you are now for the time you expect to own the house?

The quickly aging baby boomers are causing designers and builders to think about creating homes that easily adapt to changing levels of physical ability. If this is a house that you’ll live in for the rest of your life, take into account obstacles like stairs and tight bathrooms. Choose a plan that will support you through the years so you don’t have to move again later.

The intricate craftsman details of House Plan 9358 are reminiscent of old-fashioned handiwork, and owners and passersby alike appreciate its finer features.

5. What kind of architecture do you want to call home?

There’s a lot to be said for how architecture impacts our feelings. The current trend is seeing an increase in farm houses and craftsmen homes, both of which could be considered throwbacks to years gone by, but they are comfortable, beautiful, and balance out our hectic modern lifestyles. So do some research and find the style that feels like a place for you to unwind!

Do you have a better idea of what you’re looking for now? Answering these questions will get you well on your way to finding the home of your dreams, but if it seems like a lot to juggle, make it easy on yourself by using the Advanced Search to get your shortlist more quickly.

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