5 Awesome Apps to Help You Plan Your Home’s Interior

You found the perfect house plan and you have begun constructing it, but what about the inside of your home?

As you start to plan your room’s layout you may want some help visualizing it. We’ve done some research and have come back with five apps that will help you visualize your new home.

1. Room Planner 5D 

Room Planner 5D

Room Planner 5D is a free iPhone® and iPad® app that lets you create your own interior and landscape designs quickly and easily. The app requires no training or special skills and the user friendly interface lets you draw your floor plan in 2D mode and then translate it into 3D mode.

2. Roomle 


Roomle is a web app that is coming-soon to iPad®. The web version offers super simple floor plan drawing and furnishing with hundreds of furniture and accessory options. You can even walk your floor plans in a 3D view.

3. Homestyler Interior Design 

Homestyler Interior Design

Homestyler is a free iPhone® and iPad® app that produces high quality 3D models of real products.  The app allows you to do things like try out paint colors, place high quality models of real furniture products in your rooms, and see how models of actual rugs, paintings and mirrors will look in your place.

4. Floor Plan Creator 

Floor Plan Creator

Floor Plan Creator is a fee app for Android® that allows you to use predefined room shapes as well as free drawing of a room shape with s-pen, mouse, or touch. All the images are automatically backed up so you can share plans between devices and you can export the image.

5. ROOM+ for Tablet 

ROOM+ For Tablet

ROOM+ is an Android® app that allows you to create floor plans with over one hundred different pieces necessary for assembling your new home. The app allows you to change the size and shapes of the rooms and automatically inserts doors and windows.

Do you have experience with these apps or see one that you think will help you design your dream home?

Leave a comment below and tell us your plans.

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