Two New Articles: Sinks and Lavatories, and Toilets

Sinks and Lavatories – Bathroom sinks, also called lavatories, are available in an infinite range of colors, patterns, styles, designs, heights, depths, widths, and materials. They can be pedestal style, wall hung, under-counter mount, above counter vessels, integrated, self-rimming, or freestanding. This variety affords you a great opportunity to express yourself. Read the Sinks and Lavatories article.

Toilets – When designing your bathroom, the easiest product to pick out should be your toilet, because it’s style is simply one of personal preference because all of them work in the same way. The first style point will be deciding whether you want a round or elongated model, a one or two piece, how high you want it to sit and whether you want a pressure-assisted or gravity feed. Read the article about Toilets.

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