Protect Your Home

An important step in preventing burglary and increasing your home protection is making sure that your home is as secure as possible. Many homes are easy targets for burglaries without you even realizing it, especially new homes. Simple everyday measures can be taken to increase your home security without even purchasing a security system. The following is a home protection checklist that hits on important security issues:

Burglars prefer to target empty residences
Piled up newspapers, mail and flyers, as well as putting your garbage out days in advance or not putting it out at all are all signs of vacancy, so make sure you stop your newspapers when you go on vacation and have a neighbor pick up your mail.

90% of all intruders choose not to enter a residence that is well lit
Be sure that you have lights installed around your home, particularly around your front door, driveway and rear porch or patio. Most intruders don’t get the idea to break into your home until you give it to them. If your building your new home, be sure you choose a house plan that fits your lot and location and increases your home security.

Most burglars look for something worth stealing
Making valuables visible from outside the home, such as having lawn mowers, boats, bikes, tools and cars in your garage with the door left open or shades and curtains open to view home electronics and other valuable items.

Burglars observe your daily behaviors
Try not to be too predictable with your daily schedule.

Over 40% of home burglaries are termed by police as “no force” entries.
Leaving your home with windows or doors unlocked or even open is an invitation for burglars to come in.

Don’t let them know who you are
It may go without saying, but it is worth repeating: a lost key with no address is worthless to a thief but it’s like a treasure map if your address or name is on key.

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