Protect Your Family & Home From Fire

When it comes to protecting your family from a home fire, you should spend some time learning about the many life-saving products available, particularly the home fire sprinkler system.
While smoke detectors are an excellent start, they only give you a warning of a fire; they do nothing to extinguish it.

Using both smoke detectors and sprinklers can reduce the loss of life by up to 98 percent, so why aren’t more new homes installing a fire sprinkler system? The main reason is the lack of awareness and perception. Most consumers are so overwhelmed with product selection for their new home – that they overlook safety, simply because their builder isn’t offering it as an option. Many homeowners assume it is expensive, when actually it averages 1 percent of the total building cost during new construction. Other misconceptions are that they are unappealing and will accidentally discharge.

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