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Since the average household does about eight loads of laundry a week, it is a good idea to make sure that your new home has a laundry space that is big enough and is in a convenient space to make this task more efficient and practical. This week´s issue of Home Ideas offers some great insight into designing your laundry room and includes some of the latest laundry appliances and cabinetry to create an enjoyable space in your new home.

All of our house plans include a laundry space that goes well beyond washing and drying clothes. They are now well-planned, multi-functional spaces where you and your family can gather to enjoy hobbies, spend time on the computer, play games, watch TV, work on arts and crafts and of course, take care of the laundry.

We all have our favorite brands, but with the rising cost in energy, now would be a good time to consider a higher-end brand like Miele, which manufactures one of the greenest washers on the market. According to Miele, one washer can save enough clean drinking water for 10 people for life. Their washers use very little detergent, water or energy and all Miele laundry systems feature an exclusive Honeycomb Drum® which is proven to help clothes last four times longer. Other high-end laundry systems to consider are LG and Electrolux, which offer their own exclusive technologies like quiet mode, steam wash and dry, wrinkle reducers, eco-wash cycles and much more depending on your laundry needs.

It’s that age old saying “you get what you pay for.” Just like your kitchen appliances I’m sure your washer and dryer will need to perform regularly and efficiently, so why not spend a few extra dollars now so you can enjoy years of saving.

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