Incorporating Green Appliances Into an Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Most energy usage in the home is consumed in the kitchen. Refrigerators, freezers, ovens, stove-tops, and dishwashers prove to be the biggest energy consumers in the home.

While this will most likely not change, there are many things that can be done to substantially reduce the amount of energy used by these kitchen appliances. Many companies are quickly designing green kitchen appliances to reduce the carbon footprint produced in the kitchen.

Refrigerators and freezers use the most energy in a home because they are constantly kept running. By using a refrigerator with the freezer on top or on bottom, instead of on the side, energy consumption can be reduced by ten percent. Those models that have an ice-maker installed on the door also tend to use more energy.

Chest freezers are also the most energy efficient design choice. Many companies, like Sun Frost, now manufacture the most energy efficient refrigerators that have ever been made. They are so energy efficient that they work wonderfully in homes that are solar powered or have a low output energy source. A built-in bottom fridge/freezer made by Bosch reduces energy consumption with an alarm that indicates when the door is ajar.

Cook-top stoves and ovens are also large energy users in the home. Gas is the most energy efficient option because it is easier to control the temperature and can be instantly turned on or off. When using an electric cook-top, those that use induction elements are the best option followed by ceramic-glass surfaces using halogen elements as a source of heat.

Ovens are also becoming more efficient with the addition of electronic ignition systems, saving 30% more energy than the older models. By using green kitchen appliances that are a combination of two separate appliances, such as full size ovens with a smaller toaster oven attached, can save enormous amounts of energy. Solar ovens are also becoming more popular in eco-friendly kitchens.

Newer dishwasher models can also reduce energy and water consumption by using less than half of the water it would take to wash the dishes by hand. Many of these models also offer an air dry option which reduces the amount of electricity used.

The drawer dishwasher model manufactured by KitchenAid offers the best performance within a smaller space allowing it to be 97% more efficient than a typical model. In order to conserve the most resources and reduce air pollution, it is essential to purchase Energy Star products for the kitchen. The annual cost to run just a few of these green kitchen appliances can be reduced by up to thirty percent.

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