Customer Building In Mexico

A customer called today and is building one of our house plans in Mexico. She purchased house plan THD-1685 because of the rounded great room and dining room and the split bedroom design. Her husband is a personal chef and the kitchen had to be spectacular, and this kitchen certainly is spectacular. I suggested she go to our kitchen idea section to really research all of her options for the kitchen to make her husband happy. I’d be happy if my husband cooked a box of macaroni and cheese!

She had scheduled a trip to the Rivera Maya where the house is going to be built, but because of the Swine Flu she is having her builder in Mexico send photos digitally to her and the designer to discuss a few building lot issues. She was thrilled that the designer was willing to do this and wanted to call and thank me and let me know that the customer service I promised her throughout her building process was actually genuine and very much appreciated.

I can’t wait to see photos of the built house plan when it’s finished!

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