House Plans can help you to Plan for the Future

Every aspect of your new house will be depicted in the house plans, and every detail will be shown on the working drawings. Sewer lines, electric wires and phone and plumbing considerations are included in the plans to reduce the possibility of something important being forgotten.

Most times, the placement of every wall outlet is detailed on the electrical drawings, along with the specific type of outlet that is to be used. This not only protects the homeowner in being assured that all clauses in the contract are being completed, but also protects the contractor against complaints that they failed to complete their end of the bargain.

However, one thing to consider when reviewing your house plans is the potential for future needs. An example could be the inclusion of wiring for a telephone, just in case one of the bedrooms is turned into an office later in life, having the wire already run through the wall can make installation later considerably cheaper. You do not have to include the jack, but just having the line run will save time in the future.

If the possibility exists for adding a workshop later on, or a second living area in the basement, consider having plumbing and electric lines installed during initial construction. It will boost the price in the beginning but if added later will be considerably less expensive. Be sure to plan for internet access lines just in case wireless plans do not work out for you.

Pipes for water can be closed in the ceiling until needed, when additional pipes dropped to the sink can be added quickly instead of having to open walls and floors to run new avenues. This can help in running additional plumbing through basements or concrete slabs where a real mess and dust would be created during the time it would take to add new pipes.

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