Carefully Review the Deed before Deciding on a Building Lot

Building a new house is an exciting time in every family’s life and choosing the home plans that will fit your needs as well as present the appearance you want is an important part of the decision. Finding just the right spot to build your dream home will also make a difference in your future happiness with your new home.

Before you sign the check for your new lot, look over the deed carefully to make sure you are not going to end up being locked into an area of land that will possibly be unusable in the future. There are times when, for various reasons, restrictions are placed on land use when the deed transfers from one family to another.

It could be that originally, the land was being divided among siblings and a restriction was placed on the property, which may include an easement allowing for a driveway.

Over the years it is possible that other construction has surrounded the property. Without the easement, there is no room for a driveway. It may not be until after ownership changes that you find out you do not have the property rights to install a new waterline or a sewer line through that area. The easement is strictly for driveway use and someone else owns the property.

Utilities are another concern that could change the value of your lot. Most utility companies hold easements to place their lines adjacent to roadways, but sometimes private projects restrict the type of lines that can be run.

If there are no sanitary sewers in the area, you will be responsible for installing a septic system and you will need sufficient land for placement. All these can make your land a perfect spot for your home, or a place where nothing except weeds can grow.

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