Design Articles Inspire Texan Woman

I was delighted to see your article “What Women Want in Home Designs.” We will soon be calling on an architect to help us plan our home and the ideas you mentioned in the article agree with what I´ve been telling my husband. In addition to those mentioned, we will also have drawers in the kitchen as opposed to lower cabinets. They´re much easier to get to the back without having to stand on one´s head! In Texas we must store things in the house because the heat in the attic or garage breaks down plastics, papers and other materials. The house we build will have a large utility room with a lot of storage as well as washer and dryer, utility sink and long counter for crafts, sorting recyclables and folding clothes.

I hadn´t thought about the space to set groceries near the pantry, but I know the driveway or garage where I unload my car will be closer to the kitchen than it is now!

Thanks again for your articles and inspiring collection of house plans.

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