ICF stands for Insulated Concrete Form and refers to an alternative to conventional timber framing construction. While finished ICF homes do not look different from a traditional timber framed house, they do offer significant benefits that may interest today’s homebuilder.

ICF homes are quieter and easier to warm/cool than traditional homes. ICF provides you with superior soundproofing against outside noises such as traffic and lawnmowers. Concrete house plans are also significantly more comfortable due to less air infiltration and no convection currents within the wall cavities. The greater mass of the ICF walls prevents large temperature swings within the building as well making occupants more comfortable while enjoying lower energy costs.

Most of our house plans can easily be converted to ICF by our modifications department. When trying to obtain a quote for this it is helpful to know what manufacturer you are going to use and the thickness of the ICF you will be using for your ICF house plan.

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