A New Beginning for Mom and Daughter

Yesterday, I spoke with a lovely woman, who was buying a home plan for her 21-year-old daughter. It was a very emotional conversation, because the woman had just lost her husband and they were starting a new chapter in their lives. She was calling to order The Surfside House Plan for her daughter from our Beach House collection. This house plan reminded me of a beautiful print that I bought from an artist named Eileen Seitz while on vacation in the Islands.

We spoke about many things, but one of the reasons her daughter chose this house plan was she thought it would be a safe house for her to live in, because the main living space was on the 2nd and 3rd floor. The bottom floor was the carport and 
storage. It is an 1110 sq. ft. home with plenty of room for her to live in. It has a beach cottage look with a full-length 2nd floor balcony. I am thinking that it will be the perfect place for her to unwind after a long day. She is planning on painting it pink and white and has promised to send us photographs when she is finished building it, so that we can put them on The House Designers website for us to share. I hope she enjoys this house as much as I enjoyed the conversations we shared.

One thought on “A New Beginning for Mom and Daughter

  1. I love this house plan and love your story. Thanks for sharing it. I lost my husband two years ago and I appreciate knowing others are dealing with the same thing I am.

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