Well-designed House Plans

You don’t need to build a large home to make a big impact, you just need to start with a well-designed house plan that includes plenty of flexible spaces and innovative building products to create a fully functional, stylish and efficient living space. As you begin your search for the perfect house plan, determine the size and style and then assess our family‚Äôs needs. You’ll find that there are a wide range of floor plans and interior design elements available for homes that share the same square footage.

To help you identify a good floor plan for your family, list the rooms you’re currently using and imagine how your family might evolve over time. Consider your preference for a first floor master suite or for one that’s located upstairs with the other bedrooms. If you plan on entertaining look for an open floor plan where the kitchen and family share an open space. If you anticipate caring for an elderly parent or retiring in your home, a single story home may be a smart choice. Finally, review your needs regarding a basement, attic, garage, outdoor living, bonus spaces and storage. Now you’re ready to find your dream house plan!

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