Man Cave Design Ideas for Father’s Day

John Gray, author of 1992’s “Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus” is widely credited with coining the phrase “man cave.” And maybe if Wilma had carved out a little space for Fred way back when, he might not have been so cranky.

Architects and designers are seeing a growing request for space where dad can escape from work and stress.  A special place for him to relax and recharge.

This classy, yet fun and functional space is themed for those that love to play cards. View additional photographs of other great spaces in the Cariati House Plan from The House Designers.

If you are in the new construction phase or perhaps adding on to an existing home – consider an extra bay or a tandem garage space either beside or behind the garage or adding a room above. Building a pool house, with extra space for dad, is a win/win for everybody. Be sure to place the patio barbeque near the glass sliding door so he can keep an eye on the game while grilling for the family.

Detached studios are popping up everywhere with full bathrooms and even kitchenettes for the man who likes to tinker with recipes or offer snacks to his guests. This space serves double duty with overnight company simply by adding a pull-out sofa or daybed.

This homeowner decided to turn their 5-car garage into a fun workspace with a jumbo flat screen, double lifts for their sports cars and a large workspace/wet bar. You don’t need this much garage space to create a cool space to work and hang-out, but this luxury house plan offers some inspiring ideas that can be scaled down. Take a look at House Plan 5123 .

There are plenty of options if you don’t plan any structural changes – finishing a space in the basement or attic is affordable and can produce remarkable results. Once junior finally moves out, his or her bedroom converts nicely into a man cave. Pre-fab sheds are also popping up as an affordable getaway for dad.

Once the physical space is determined, the real fun begins. Nearly all man caves start with a giant, flat screen TV. And from there we add:

  • Speedy Wi-Fi
  • Surround sound
  • Gaming systems
  • Stereo equipment
  • Sound proofed walls
  • Darkened curtains
  • Tiered flooring for theater seating
  • Extra flat screens strategically placed to never miss a play

A friendly drink is often part of a man’s dream cave and there are many options to fit his personal style:

  • Wine rooms or wine cellar and wine cooler appliances
  • Mini fridges
  • Wet bars
  • Hide-away wet bars
  • Cigar walk-outs
  • Home brewery spaces

Additional considerations for the customized man cave:

  • Urinals in the bathroom confirm this space is his.
  • Gym equipment encourages healthy ways to relax.
  • Virtual driving ranges and Wii Sports can keep dad on his game year ‘round.
  • Temperature control is important for his comfort and happiness.
  • Steam rooms and saunas are a great idea for the dad who has everything.

Man caves have, well, evolved over the years. Women have their gourmet kitchens, craft rooms, reading lofts or writing nooks and are encouraging the men in their lives to have their space too. It’s important to dedicate this area to him. He shouldn’t feel the need to compromise or blend with the décor of the rest of the house. This is his retreat and should reflect his interests and style. If he wants a place to play video games, jam with friends, sit in silence, check the stock market or smoke a cigar – this is his “no judgement” zone.

The saying goes “happy wife, happy life.” Add a happy husband to the mix and you just might find yourself on Nirvana Street.

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