What Do Baby Boomers Look for in a House?

Compared to previous generations, baby boomers often have more income, are healthier and more active and are more likely to continue working or even change their careers later in life than their predecessors. Indeed, they are breaking norms in how they stay busy and fit and refuse to slow down as they age. This is why many in their fifties or sixties have different needs than what used to be considered typical when it comes to their homes.

While a majority of boomers are planning to “age in place,” many are thinking of moving into new homes. What exactly are the styles and features that baby boomers tend to look for in a new house plan?

This brand new ranch house plan features a split bedroom layout and an open floor plan.


Although most boomers will want an abode that is spacious, most of them will opt for a single-family and single-story house. This will be more accessible and convenient, especially when they are older.

Open Plan

An open concept for a baby boomer home is more practical. This is because there will be fewer walls and barriers that might restrict their movements or worse, cause accidents. Aside from that, it will be more convenient when having family and friends over as an open floor plan allows owners to be able to multitask, for example cooking in the kitchen while entertaining guests in the living area. This means you can expect people in their fifties or older to prefer a house with a free-flowing concept.

With Style and Value

Many people nearing retirement age want to prioritize a home’s style and value over features that will make it easier and safer for aging individuals to move around the house, including stair lifts, handrails, etc. This is because they too want to be able to sell their property at a good price in the future. So you can expect contemporary settings, modern amenities and luxurious appointments that will make their abodes feel as if the residents are on vacation year round.

This brand new craftsman ranch house plan packs plenty of luxury into its 2,233 square foot design.

Ample Space

Downsizing is not an option for many aging individuals. This is because they want more space for all of their belongings, including the travel mementos they have and will be getting as they travel the world. They also plan to entertain friends and family from time to time, which will require ample space in the house. Most importantly, they want a place that doesn’t restrict their movements.


The last thing boomers want in a house is boredom. They will want to play golf, engage in sports, work on their crafts and hobbies and even cultivate a garden. Many fifty-something homeowners will want to have home gyms or nooks where they can meditate or do yoga. So there will be a yard or garden, a workshop room and family room, and other purpose-driven spaces.


Currently, many baby boomers are living well in larger, more luxurious homes. Although these may become harder to maintain once they hit retirement, this doesn’t mean that people will settle. Boomers will want houses with high-end finishes in close proximity to services and amenities.

Less Maintenance

Even with ample retirement savings and a pension, boomers will prefer a house that requires less effort and money to maintain. They will also want to make their dwellings more energy-efficient. This can be achieved by using energy-saving lighting and appliances, insulating the home properly and using energy efficient doors and windows.

With baby boomers’ earning and spending at a high level, they will expect homes that will fit their lifestyles and their needs perfectly. Enjoy browsing our collection of empty nester house plans.

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