Get Creative With Kitchen Cabinetry

Today, homes are being designed with open floor plans rather than small individual rooms. You’ll find that cabinetry design is embracing this new trend to create large open living areas by creating cabinetry that has the look of furniture. With more space to be creative, cabinets don’t have to be pushed to the room’s perimeter but can become part of furniture groupings that are a key component to the overall design, functionality and décor of the living space.

This week’s issue of Home Ideas is all about cabinetry – “Cabinets Key Ingredient In Kitchen Design,” “Options For Kitchen Cabinetry” and “Consumers Crave Functionality.” Get inspired our collection of Fabulous Kitchen Floor Plans, which include everything from small beach cottages to sprawling one-story house plans featuring a professional kitchen design.

Open Floor Plan
Open Floor Plan

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