Floor Plan Simplicity Makes Convenient Living

Possibly the simplest and most functional floor plans are designed for farm house layouts, encompassing a simple four room per floor plan. The second floor is typically a repeat of the first floor, although some alteration may be made depending on the family’s needs.

In most cases there will be a living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom on the lower floor with a bathroom and three or four bedrooms on the upper floor. Two of those bedrooms could be combined into a larger one to hold three upstairs rooms, if the family needs one extra large room for their personal needs.

While most two-story floor plans will have one bathroom over the other for ease in plumbing installation, it is also possible for bathrooms to be at opposite ends of the house. This will increase installation costs as well as repair costs later on, but individual floor plans are for the convenience of the homeowner and not the plumber doing the work.

These floor plans typically have a door at the front and back of the house, but the floor plan will allow the first floor to have a circular traffic pattern. Ease of getting from one room to the other allows traffic to flow from room to room without causing congestion in a busy household. Moving from the kitchen to the dining room or to the family room makes mealtime easier while segregating the living room from any noise associate with kitchen activity.

On the upper level, the bathroom is typically located closest to the master, or larger bedroom, for the convenience of the “master” of the house. Often times, if the floor plan will allow, a half-bath can be placed at the other end of the upper level to allow more convenience of the rest of the family members.

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