Building a House in North Carolina

Known for its wonderful array of landscapes, North Carolina is one of the fastest growing states in the country. A combination of affordable land and home prices along with low taxes and high-paying jobs makes this a great destination! So, maybe you’re thinking about building a house in North Carolina? Let us show you a few things to consider before you move to the Tar Heel State!

Before you commit to the idea, do you know where and how you want to live? Think about urban, suburban, and rural areas and different regional styles. Covering these bases now can help you zero in on the perfect home faster. Skip the headache of having to adjust your home plans on the fly and let us show you why you should consider building a house in North Carolina!

House Plan 7246
2,350 Square Feet, 4 Bedrooms, 3.1 Bathrooms

Figuring Out the Best Home for Your Location

With thousands of unique home plans to choose from at The House Designers, we pride ourselves on being the best. We won’t rest until you’re happy, so feel free to ask us any questions. We are always happy to help!

North Carolina has 3 distinct sections: the mountains, the Piedmont, and the coast. Each one of these locations lends itself to different home styles. Each also has its own considerations to think about before building there. Let’s go through them together!

The Mountains

North Carolina features some of the most iconic mountain views. From the winding Blue Ridge Parkway to the unforgettable Biltmore Estate, the landscape has something for everybody to love. So wouldn’t it be great to live there year-round?

As with any mountainous location, you are likely to see a lot of cabin-style homes. Many of these plans, such as THD-9807 (below) feature large windows and expansive porches to help capture views all year long. It is also common to select a walkout basement foundation to embrace the slope of the lot, too.

House Plan 9807
831 Square Feet, 2 Bedrooms, 2.0 Bathrooms

Before building a house in North Carolina’s mountains, you should be prepared for the winter cold. While this might go without saying, you should make sure that your home is also ready for the weather. Many folks love the mountains for the cool summers and the cold winters spent skiing and snowboarding. Make sure your home can welcome you back warmly. Choosing products such as a Therma-Tru® door and working with your builder to choose great insulation and efficient windows can help keep your bills low and your spirits high!

The Piedmont

House Plan 9081
1,671 Square Feet, 3 Bedrooms, 2.0 Bathrooms

North Carolina’s Piedmont region is where most of the population resides. Many folks who are looking at building a house in North Carolina consider this middle section, the plateau, of the state. Home to big cities like Raleigh and Charlotte, along with tons of space to build and largely affordable locales, this is a win-win area!

As the flattest part of the state with the most average climate, the Piedmont is home to all sorts of home styles. From traditional ranches and Craftsman designs like THD-9081 (above) to more modern plans like THD-6057 (below), there is practically no limit on the homes you’ll see here!

House Plan 6057
4,106 Square Feet, 4 Bedrooms, 3.1 Bathrooms

As with anywhere else, it is important to check for homeowner association (HOA) rules and other restrictions before you buy or build. Ask a local professional to help you navigate regulatory guidelines, because they always know best, wherever you are!

The Coast

The final of the 3 regions for building a house in North Carolina is a fan favorite… the beach! There’s just something relaxing about the sound of crashing waves and smell of salty air. Whether it’s a summer home or a year-round dwelling, consider a home with coastal vibes to match the surrounding area. Take a look at THD-1456 (below) for some inspiration!

House Plan 1456
4,450 Square Feet, 4 Bedrooms, 5.1 Bathrooms

One thing to be aware of when building on the coast is that the land is often low lying. In some places, like the popular Oak Island beach, homes must be on stilts to help protect against flooding from tides. Be sure to talk with your builder to make sure that your plan is perfectly suited for your location.

Balancing Your Needs with Your Lot’s Features

As we discussed, North Carolina has a wide variety of landscapes. Each one has its own unique features and vibes. But if you talk with anyone who lives in the state, they’ll likely mention the wide variety of homes in each area that goes beyond style.

While you might see walkout basements in the mountains, you might also have to build a long driveway or access for a rural build, which could pose problems if you have limited mobility. The same goes for an elevated coastal home, although you can add an elevator to alleviate that concern. And while there are flatter lots in the Piedmont region, the soil makeup of dense red clay might prevent you from having a basement in many locations. This is why it’s so important to know your location before buying a house plan!

House Plan 4064
2,400 Square Feet, 4 Bedrooms, 3.1 Bathrooms

Overall, building a house in North Carolina makes a great choice for many. With a few key considerations and a little bit of help from our team and/or a local professional, your dream can come true in this unique state!

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