Benefits of Using Reclaimed Materials

Building green is the hottest home construction trend and you can make your home even greener by using reclaimed products in conjunction with our house plans. Not only do reclaimed products save resources but they give you a sense of character and history that you can’t get with off-the-shelf products.  But there are other benefits to reclaimed products that you might not think of.  In addition to keeping these one-of-a-kind items out of landfills here are a few other benefits of incorporating reclaimed materials into your house plan.

Anna's Garden house plan kitchen
This beautifully kitchen from the Anna’s Garden house plan is the perfect place to use a reclaimed hardwood floor or maybe a recycled tile backsplash.


Compared to new products, reclaimed products, especially old-growth wood, are much stronger and will last longer. Old wood is based on growth life and the tightness of the grain. The tighter the grain is the more durable the wood is, making old-growth wood much stronger than the fresh wood from the big-box stores. Old wood has also settled and shrunk into a more permanent form, creating less of a hassle down the road.

Fireclay Recycled Glass Tiles
The water-y look of Fireclay Recycled Glass tiles gives this traditional inspired kitchen a contemporary coastal-chic vibe. Fireclay’s glass tiles are made of 100% recycled glass by local artisans in California. All the glass is locally sourced and uses VOC-free pigmentation processes.


Reclaimed products require less maintenance simply because they have already become worn over time. The result is a storied look that is becoming increasingly popular. It’s especially great if you are going for a rustic look in a new Craftsman or farm house plan.

Boddington House Plan Living Room
This living room is part of the Boddington house plan. Not only is it gorgeous but it is also energy efficient. If you think you can’t find a place to use reclaimed materials in your home, think again. You can easily purchase a reclaimed butcher block counter for your kitchen or use reclaimed wood beams instead of new beams for a more storied appearance.

Sense of History

People love the idea of using eco-friendly materials in their building, but they also like the added character and nostalgia that’s achieved with reclaimed products.

Elmwood Reclaimed Timber Wide Plank Wood Flooring
Reclaimed wood flooring from Elmwood Reclaimed Timber is handcrafted one plant at a time. Reclaimed flooring imbues a look and feel that cannot be matched. All of the reclaimed wood flooring from Elmwood Reclaimed Timber is 100% reclaimed from old barns, buildings and rural structures. Here you see a stunning antique white oak floor. Antique floors are specifically reclaimed from structures that pre-date the 1930s and are handpicked by a dedicated staff.

Whether you are looking to build your home off the grid, make your home as green as possible, or you simply want your new home to have a sense of history, using reclaimed products is the perfect solution for you. Take a moment and browse through The House Designers collection of energy-efficient house plans, these designs would look great with some reclaimed products as accents.


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