Customize Your House Plan

Save time and money by letting The House Designers customize your house plan to fit your unique needs and lifestyle. Don’t worry, we’ll make it easy. Follow these simple steps, then sit back, relax, and let us create your dream home!

House Plan 7263: The Magnolia - Customize Your House Plan
House Plan 7263
Enjoy the savings! Customize a stock home plan from The House Designers!

Find Your Dream Home Plan is the perfect place to start your home search. Because we have over 5,000 home plans to choose from, you’re sure to find one you love. An incredible variety of styles, sizes, and features can be found, and we’ll help narrow your search. You’ll love how easy it is to browse thousands of floor plans with us!

Now, what happens if you come across a home plan you love, but that you’d like customized? Great news! Our architects and designers are more than willing to help you create the home of your dreams!

House Plan 9772: Create a chef's kitchen
House Plan 9772
Create a chef’s kitchen inside one of our popular floor plans!

Contact Us!

Our knowledgeable team of home plan specialists is here to help. Many of our designers offer extensive collections, so we may already have a home you’ll love – no custom changes needed!

Specify Your Changes to Receive a Free Estimate

If you want to modify one of our house plans, the first step is to let us know what changes you’d like to make. You may choose to present your desired modifications in multiple ways. Simply fill out our Modification Quote Request Form, draw and/or list your modifications in an email message, or we can simply have a conversation! Call us at 866-214-2242, or chat with us via Live Chat – we’re ready to help!

After you’ve specified your home plan modifications, we take care of the rest! You’ll hear back from our team within two days with a free estimate of the cost to customize your house plan. We will also include an estimated timeline, so you’ll know how long it will take to complete your desired modifications.

House Plan 1933: Entertain in Style
House Plan 1933
Entertain in style, with your uniquely customized house plan!

It’s Time to Customize Your House Plan!

After receiving your free estimate, it’s time to create your dream home! If you choose to move forward with modifications, we’ll connect you with your designer. Once you purchase the original plan to get started, you’ll enjoy a collaborative relationship to ensure your modifications are done correctly.

House Plan 7378: Award winning house plans
House Plan 7378
Get award-winning house plans with a budget-friendly price tag!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my builder customize my home plan? Yes! If your builder and his/her team are willing and capable, just purchase a plan package that comes with a license to make changes. Typically, PDF and CAD plan packages come with this license.

Who is modifying my house plan? Many firms offer to customize their home plans, so you would be working with the creators of your original blueprint. However, if they do not offer this service, we have partnered with a number of designers who help make modifications for our customers. You may also choose to partner with a local draftsman or architect, or your builder may be able to modify your home plan on site.

How long will it take to customize my house plan, and how much will it cost? Modification costs are based on time and difficulty, but you can rest assured that we provide fair pricing. The time of the year and difficulty also determine your modification timeline. So, before you’re ready to break ground, get ahead of the line and get your changes in ASAP!

House Plan 7278: Customize Your House Plan
House Plan 7278
Customize your dream home to fit your lifestyle perfectly!

Have more questions? Check out “You’ve Decided to Build a House – Now What?” for an informative guide on beginning your build, the right way.

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