Top Three Farm House Plans

I’ve always had a vivid imagination, and one dream has always fascinated me is a version of my life in which I live and work on a tulip farm in Holland. In this alternate reality, I can see my house, and the fields striped with buds of colorful tulips and the houses are personified in the farm house plans found at The House Designers.


farmhouse house plans
The Banner Hall House Plan is the perfect family home. The setup of this house plan allows the children to run around upstairs while giving the adults all the peace and quiet they need downstairs. This house plan also features an isolated master suite for privacy.


Farm house plans were born on hundred-acre spreads of rural America and are as ingrained in American tradition as traditional or craftsman house plans.  When you picture a farm house in your mind’s eye, you might see a version of Grant Wood’s painting “American Gothic.” If you recall, it’s the picture of the rugged-looking gray haired couple with the man holding a pitchfork. Behind the couple is a farm house that actually exists in Eldon, Iowa.

Even though farm house plans come in a variety of styles varying from modest to expensive they are unified by a few characteristics. For example, they usually have large porches that often wrap around and occasionally extend to the rear. Although they can sometimes be ranches, they are usually one-and-a-half to two story homes. Farm house plans typically have wood frame construction and gabled roofs. Upon first look, a farm house is usually symmetrically shaped, sometimes with side wings.


farm house plan packed with amenities
If you’re looking for a welcoming farmhouse plan with a contemporary flair, then you don’t need to look much further than the Crystal Falls House Plan. The Crystal Falls House Plan features a welcoming porch that leads to a foyer. The family room provides a view of the rear and side of the porch making this home perfect if you plan on hosting family gatherings.


Farm house plans have a particular charm about them because they are very family-centered. They tend to be more practical than fanciful and usually feature a spacious country kitchen with a cozy fireplace and plenty of room for a big rustic table. Most importantly, they bring to mind an old-fashioned sense of home where the family gathered in the open kitchen and living room.


country farm house plan
For a unique and comfortable feel, take a look at The Oakwood House Plan. An abundance of windows allows natural light into the living room. A gorgeous kitchen with walk-in pantry and island with seating is sure to inspire the family cook. Additionally, this house plan boosts a spacious master suite and a sprawling porch provides lots of curb appeal.


Farm house plans are typically well suited to large lots, and examples of farm house styles can be found in most regions of the country. Although farm house plans are based on the idea of a country farm dwelling, the farm house can also be suited to an urban area as well and it is ideal for homebuilders who desire a more informal country style in their homes, an appreciation for rural culture, and strong connections to the past and the land they will build upon.


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