Top Midwest Cities to Build a New Home in 2023

Today’s real estate market is booming. Good interest rates and increased home sale prices have made this a seller’s market. Many homes get sold before they hit the open market! With existing inventory in short supply, aspiring homeowners are turning to building new homes rather than buying existing homes. Do you plan to build in the Midwest? It’s a popular region, but some areas are more popular than others. Today we will focus on cities located in Illinois and Michigan—the top Midwest cities to build a new home in 2023!  

Booming Places in Illinois

The #1 city in the Midwest is, of course, Chicago. But Mom and Dad aren’t looking to raise their children in the big city. They want the proximity to culture, but not the hustle and bustle and downsides of living in the city proper. As such, many families go straight to outer Chicago areas and the suburbs.

One of the top communities is Rogers Park. This artsy enclave invites with diverse neighborhoods and great dining and theater options. The homes built here range from modern multi-family homes to traditional Craftsman designs, perfect for multi-generational families.

Want somewhere farther out? Try Naperville, IL.  A western suburb of Chicago, this lovely city is home to an extensive forest and park preserve, including Centennial Beach. Naperville is an upscale suburb where most residents own their own homes. Most tend to be large and traditional in style, so neighborhoods have a grand appearance about them.

Michigan’s Hottest Areas

The next top Midwest cities to build a new home in 2023 are in Michigan. Detroit is the largest city in the state. Although not on the top lists for new construction, the inner city is undergoing regentrification and many old homes are being bulldozed for new, modern multi-family residences. Out with the old and in with the new! Affordable multi-plex apartment buildings are on the rise to help breathe life back into abandoned, economically depressed streets.

Ann Arbor was named the number 1 best place for families in the U.S. in 2023. People have noted multiple community events and the proximity to the University of Michigan as contributing factors to its appeal. Art fairs, film festivals, and solid employment in the tech and medical fields also help to draw families to Ann Arbor. The cultural scene includes galleries, parks, food, and dining with over 400 restaurants. Located only 45 minutes from Detroit, this makes a wonderful area to raise your family.

The architecture in Ann Arbor leans toward historical styles. You’ll find Georgian homes with steep roof lines and columns as well as authentic Victorians with great porches. Craftsman homes with chunky columns, front porches, and decorative millwork are also popular.

Stay with us in future blogs as we continue to cover the best homes of 2023. Thinking about building a home of your own? Visit The House Designers and start your own search!

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