The Best Homes for Lakefront Living

Perfect for relaxation and taking in natural views, it’s no wonder why so many people dream of building on a lake. Are you one of them? Check out some of the best homes for lakefront living to discover all that they offer! Whether you’re into outdoor recreation and water sports or you are looking for a quiet oasis to unwind, we have house plans for everyone’s idea of a lake house.

Our thousands of home plans are made with future homeowners in mind. Try our Advanced Search function to filter through plans by every feature imaginable. We have you covered no matter what or where you want to build!

House Plan 1143
1,480 Square Foot, 2 Bed, 2.0 Bath Cottage

There is so much to love about living on or near a lake. We like to think of lakefront living as taking the best parts of a beach home and turning it up a notch. With a lake, you can be steps away from the water, without the fear of massive coastal storms or the gradual damage that salt water can do to a home. Plus, most lakes won’t have the large crowds of tourists that a lot of beaches do!

This convenience is only the beginning of why so many homeowners can’t get enough of lakefront living. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite homes that are ready to be built on your lot by the lake. Notice each one’s unique benefits along with the common features that a lot of these homes share.

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Vacation Possibilities

House Plan 8786
1,625 Square Foot, 3 Bed, 2.0 Bath Rustic Cottage

Our customers who want to build homes on lakefront lots want to preserve the views. From changing leaves to beautiful sunrises and sunsets, lakes can be so picturesque. And it’s only natural to want a home that captures this beauty.

THD-8786 is a great example of a home that can check all of those boxes and more! Its 2-story layout with three bedrooms offers plenty of living space on a compact foundation. And its rustic charm and stunning windows seamlessly connect the home with the nature around it.

Some homeowners want to use the best homes for lakefront living as vacation properties. With so many lakes scattered across the country, many can have a second home a short drive away from their main residence. Just imagine how fun it would be to load up the car and take the kids out on the lake for the weekend!

The potential to generate rental income also attracts people to lake properties. Depending on local regulations, many homeowners enjoy using a rental service or website to bring in guests. So, for those weekends that you and the family can’t make it to the lake, you can earn some easy money to pay the mortgage!

A Spacious Home for Year-Round Living

House Plan 9459
2,531 Square Foot, 3 Bed, 3.1 Bath Craftsman Ranch

While virtually all of our homes are capable of being full-time residences, some are better suited than others. If you want your lakefront home to be more of a vacation spot, then you might consider something a bit smaller, especially if you have a limited budget. But if you want a home that can easily function has your year-round residence on a lake, we have you covered there, too!

THD-9459 is a spacious Craftsman-style home with features that make it perfect for living on a lake. From its 2,531 square foot layout with 3 large bedrooms, to the the expansive outdoor living in back, to the future finishing opportunities that can help you maximize your investment, this home is ready to be built in a dream location!

Walkout basements are commonly seen in the best homes for lakefront living. Since topography typically slopes down towards the water, a lot of our house plans embrace the terrain. Not only does this add extra living space for you, but it creates easy access to the lakefront and nearby water. The kids will love that as much as you will!

A Weekender’s Cabin, Great for the Outdoorsman

Especially in more rural areas, a lot of folks love to build simple hunting or fishing cabins. Not only are these plans super affordable, but they offer all of the basic features every residence needs. With options with up to 3 bedrooms, there is plenty of room for you and your buddies to get away for the weekend and disconnect from society.

House Plan 1492
480 Square Foot, 2 Bed, 1 Bath Cabin

THD-1492 is the perfect tiny cabin-style plan to get away from it all. We’ve included this as one of the best homes for lakefront living simply because of its versatility. While it can easily function as a hunting or fishing cabin that can be built on practically any lot, it is also stylish enough to be used in a vacation spot. When you hear “hunting cabin,” don’t think of those rickety old sheds in horror films. Our cabin homes have the features and style that we are so well known for!

Lakefront living is great for so many reasons. Whatever sort of home you’re looking to build in this highly desirable market, we’re sure to have options. We can’t wait to see which ones you fall in love with!

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