Design Trends for 2023

Welcome back in the new year! 2023 is finally here and we’re moving forward with gusto. Whether you have an eye for architecture or interior design, you can expect this year to bring beautiful and interesting new design trends. Enough with the anticipation—let’s see what design trends for 2023 have in store!

Architectural Trends in 2023 Design

Firstly, new architectural trends are emerging to allow for MORE. More space. More storage. More inclusivity and use of natural and man-made materials. You’ll see this in homes of all shapes and sizes. Luxury designs come fully loaded so owners will want for nothing. Not your style? Don’t worry. Many homeowners have moved from having lots of space to simply investing in the space they actually need. Tiny homes, container homes, and float homes—all on the smaller side—will continue to appeal to new homeowners in 2023.

On the architectural side of finishes, look toward trim and molding. Custom millwork elevates a room from standard to classy. Coffered and tray ceilings make simple spaces look more upscale and luxurious.  Wood beams will add interest to any sort of home, rustic or contemporary. Ceiling medallions can also upgrade basic light fixtures into something gorgeous. But don’t stop there—consider where else you can build some style right into your home!

Does any of this pique your interest? Take a look at a few of our homes that go right alongside with these design trends. Until you know what you want for sure, it’s a good idea to explore plenty of designs to get inspired!

Interior Design Trends for 2023

Building a new home gives you a completely blank slate for interior design. Start the base by choosing your color scheme. Muted, neutral looks have been trending in 2023. Deeper, more calming shades are preferred over vibrant colors. Many people stick to subtly warm palettes, but you’ll also notice the prevalence of natural shades of green and blue.

Popular Materials & Style Inspiration

Painted walls will never go out of style, but they aren’t your only option. Take a look at any current home magazine or design blog and you’ll see that wallpaper is experiencing a resurgence. With tons of vibrant murals, florals, plaids, stripes, etc. to consider, you can set the bold or understated tone of your choice. In any case, wallpaper will add a pop of contrast and interest that you won’t get with paint. Don’t confuse modern stuff with the old-fashioned wallpaper from Grandma’s house!

The popularity of warmer wood tones and natural furnishing colors will also continue this year. Many homeowners love transitional designs featuring some mid-century modern flair. Combining these two elements creates a softer and more appealing look to the eye.

Updated Kitchen Goals

When it comes to the kitchen, designers love stone slab countertops that include plenty of veining. Even if they have striking contrast, most stick to neutral colors. And as with anything else, you’ll find options in warm and cool tones. Each unique slab will draw the eye in the kitchen whether you use it for the countertop or a backsplash. 

Want to visually expand your kitchen? You may want to reduce hanging cabinetry in favor of open shelving. This aligns perfectly with the simple chic aesthetic of design trends for 2023. If you don’t like the totally open look, you can opt for glass doors instead.

These are just a few things to consider when looking to build a beautiful home in 2023. Perhaps some of these ideas struck a chord with you? We’d love to see what you come up with whether you draw inspiration from these design trends for 2023 or not!

Whatever you choose, it all starts with a great house plan that answers all your practical needs. The House Designers has thousands of designs for your consideration, and we want you to love your home above all else. In fact, we have team of home plan experts to simplify the search for our customers. Don’t hesitate to reach out so we can help!

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