Design Trends for 2014 from the Best in American Living Awards

Design trends were honored at IBS 2014 when nearly ninety-two single family homes, apartments, condos, and remodeling projects were honored at the Best in American Living Awards (BALA) Gala. The winners demonstrate that they are at the forefront of the innovative design trends homebuyers will see over the next several years.

“The BALA winners always redefine excellence for the home building industry,” said 2013 BALA Judge Chairman Victor Mirontschuk, president of EDI International in New York City. “We are proud to recognize these companies and individuals for their creative and distinctive approaches to their work.”

Some of the new trends that homebuyers can expect to see in 2014 include:

Seligman House Plan Kitchen
Check out the Seligman house plan’s kitchen uses multiple shades of white and metallic accents for an airy crisp feeling.

White on White

Layering white on top of white is a new approach in many kitchens and bathrooms. Everything from flooring, backsplashes, counters, fixtures, and appliances are all going white. The result is a fresh and light feeling. To add some clean lines and a modern feel European cabinetry and shiny surfaces are also making their presence known with this trend.

Bold Exterior Colors

Bold exterior colors are making a comeback in exterior painting and design. Whether it is through the color of paint or through a mix of cladding materials, doors, windows, porches, shutters, and trim, a dynamic exterior is making a comeback.

The Antonio House Plan
The Antonio house plan has a lot to offer with an open floor plan, three bedrooms, and an island kitchen. Add some luxurious appliances and you will have your dream home in no time.

Luxurious Amenities

Single and multi-family communities are now being designed to be fully loaded with over-the-top amenities that appeal to homebuyers.  It is a growing trend that today’s homebuyers want to feel as though they are living in a 4-star hotel, so builder and developers are offering features such as a lazy river, a pool for dogs, electric car charging stations, spas, dog parks, concierge services, and great outdoor spaces.

Specialty Lighting

Specialty lighting pendants are fixtures are another design trend this year. Whether it involves a custom or a stock fixture, designers are finding ways to showcase lights as pieces of art rather than a functional element.

Renaissance House Plan Patio
The patio of the Renaissance house plan is the perfect place for a family barbecue. Add an outdoor kitchen and you will be able to entertain seamlessly.

Blending Inside and Out

Outdoor living spaces have been gaining some appeal for a while now, and the lines are continuing to blur. Outdoor living trends are no longer limited to areas with warmer climates, but are instead being seen across the country. We are currently seeing many homes being built with movable glass walls, gourmet outdoor kitchens, and interior courtyard pools.

These are a few of the design trends emerging for 2014. Some are growing out of old trends and some are new but one thing is for sure, we are excited to see where they go. Take a look through some of our collections and see how you can incorporate these trends into a fabulous kitchen house plan or a great outdoor living house plan.

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    Thanks for keeping me up to date with the latest trends, I have a few friends on Facebook who are designers and they will LOVE this. (Okay, they’re wanna-be designers but don’t tell them I said that!!!!) Hehe

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