Decorating Cabin Floor Plans for the Holiday Season!

These adorable cabin floor plans will have you ready for the festive season in no time! Plus, you’ll get to look at the hottest trends in holiday decorating this season with images from The House Designers.

House Plan 7218: Cabin Floor Plans
House Plan 7218
2,191 Square Foot, 4 Bedroom, 4.0 Bathroom Home

The holiday season is upon us, and we cannot wait to decorate our homes for Christmas! Your friends and social media may be telling you it’s too early, but at the very least, it’s time to start deciding on this year’s decor. Will you do the same old same old this year, or will you let some of our favorite cabin floor plans inspire you to get creative? This year’s hottest trends, and the perfect homes to dress up, are waiting for you.

Let Nature Inspire You This Season

Nature-inspired decor is at the top of everyone’s Christmas decor must-have list these days. Decorators like using plenty of tree elements to bring the outdoors in. Use wood logs, pine cones, twigs, berries, pine needles, and/or colorful leaves – anything you can get your hands on! The varied textures and colors will bring warmth and a gentle at-home feel to you each day, as well as add a festive aesthetic to your holiday parties.

Consider this type of decoration for your home’s entryway. Small pine trees are the perfect image of Christmas. Add a natural wreath and a garland to accent your front door as well. You can snow spray your trees and wreath to change the look up! Snow spay is often used when decorations are placed against a dark-colored entry or door for contrast.

How about using these natural elements inside as well? It seems that a holiday party cannot go by without enjoying a beautiful meal around the dining table. So, don’t leave this space without a touch of the Christmas spirit. If you can’t or don’t want to spend the time creating a natural centerpiece by hand, companies like L.L. Bean have incredible options this year.

Cabin Floor Plans Covered in Light

Let the light shine this holiday season! Use candles, lamps, or classic string lights to brighten and set the tone of your home. Holiday celebrations brighten the darkness that is the winter season. With shorter daylight hours, this time of year can be a downer, to say the least. Let your home be a light during these dark days. Lighting inside and outside is sure to warm your home and the hearts of all those who visit this holiday season.

Cabin floor plans are perfect for the classic and elegant or nature-inspired lighting that has gained popularity over the last few years. For an elegant look, use white string lights to highlight the lines of your home. Be sure to line each peak and valley for the most finished look. If you feel ambitious, line your garage door(s) and windows as well. Small bushes and trees in the front yard can also be lit for added effect.

Pro tip when lighting: keep the same color scheme throughout for a polished look. If doing white light, make sure they are all LED or standard to avoid a mismatched final picture.

Lighting the interior of your home is just as important as the outside. Candles are an affordable option and bring a unique ambiance that nothing else can. You’ll find soft warm light from candles throughout your home is perfect for intimate or nighttime holiday gatherings. Lanterns can hold additional candles, decorations, or small string lights. We love the way lanterns can be decorated and used at a fireplace. Lanterns made of iron or steel will provide an elegant, yet homey feeling.

Interested in decorating for more than the holidays? Learn to design your new laundry room, kitchen, or bathrooms today!

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