4 Bedroom House Plans – Function & Style for All

Functionality in your home is key, and there are few homes quite as functional as 4 bedroom house plans. Spacious, versatile, and available in practically any style, homes with 4 bedrooms have plenty for everyone to enjoy.

From single-story ranch layouts to grand manors, four bedroom house plans are readily available. And no matter the style, you’ll find they offer total functionality. By opting for a 4 bedroom house plan, you are choosing to add multi-functional space to your home. And when it comes time to sell, many find that a four bedroom house plan adds value throughout.

Whether you have a large family to accommodate, or you simply want extra space, check out some great 4 bedroom house plans from TheHouseDesigners.com today.

Flexible Spaces

House Plan 9716 - 4 Bedroom House Plans
House Plan 9716
2,465 Square Foot, 4 Bed, 3.0 Bath Home
This is a four bedroom plan that isn’t too large but still has great features for each room and a smart layout to maximize space. An affordable option with a lot to offer.

By choosing a four bedroom house plan, a world of options opens up. Extra bedrooms can turn into guest rooms, or even in-law suites. These same versatile spaces can become the home office or hobby room that you’ve always wanted. And if your needs change or your family grows, 4 bedroom house plans make it easier to accommodate.

With the space provided by four bedroom house plans, your home is ready for whatever the future may demand. Larger families will love being able to give kids their own rooms. Similarly, younger and growing families will know that their home is ready to grow with them into the future.

As seen above in THD-9716, many 4 bedroom house plans provide either private en-suites, or shared full baths. In this case, the added privacy is enhanced by each bedroom offering its own walk-in closet!

As you search through our vast collection of 4 bedroom house plans, keep an eye out for other unique and convenient offerings. Things such as second master suites, or private in-law suites, are relatively common in four bedroom house plans and can add tons of value to your property.

Comprehensive Designs

House Plan 6057 - 4 Bedroom House Plans
House Plan 6057
4,106 Square Foot, 4 Bed, 3.2 Bath Home
Firmly in the luxurious category, the focus of this plan is on its defined style, crisp modern finishes, and the finer features expanded on below.

Not only do 4 bedroom house plans come in all shapes, sizes, and architectural styles, but their interior floor plans are just as diverse.

Many of our four bedroom house plans come with unique interiors, offering everything from finished basements with game rooms, to great outdoor entertaining spaces. The space added with extra bedrooms often simultaneously makes the rest of the home bigger. You’ll notice that many 4 bedroom house plans have amazing family spaces and stunning gourmet kitchens. When you invest in a four bedroom house plan, you are really making an investment in your whole home.

Seen here in a strikingly unique contemporary design, THD-6057 is a great example of all that a 4 bedroom house plan can offer both inside and out. This home not only has 4 amazingly spacious bedrooms, but it even has a home gym, a game room with a bar, and an outdoor kitchen!

You will be surprised at just how much extra space 4 bedroom house plans can open up. Your style is sure to shine throughout, whichever home you choose.

Total Value

House Plan 5591 - 4 Bedroom House Plans
House Plan 5591
2,814 Square Foot, 4 Bed, 3.0 Bath Home
From outside, this home appears very simple, but inside, it is anything but. It’s a large single-story floor plan with some great rooms and large bedrooms, including 2 master suites.

Finding the perfect 4 bedroom house plan doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be spending a lot of extra money. But what it does mean is that you are increasing the value of your whole home.

All of the features that typically come with a 4 bedroom house plan, plus the bedrooms themselves, are sure to be a great selling point in the future. Prospective buyers take note of the great amounts of space and the endless functionality that 4 bedroom house plans provide.

Homes such as THD-5591 may look simple enough on the outside, but inside, they amaze. This home in particular has 2 full master suites and tons of other great features hidden beyond the front door. Plenty of our 4 bedroom house plans are packed with tons to appreciate.

Home buying is about the here and now, but it is also about the future. Consider what opting for a four bedroom house plan can mean not only for your present, but for whatever the future has in store.

No matter what you are looking for in a home, we encourage you to take some time to look through our great 4 bedroom house plans. From styles and designs, to a wide array of features, no two homes are the same.

If you have any questions or need help finding the perfect 4 bedroom house plan, or any other kind of plan, feel free to contact us. We’re always happy to help customers find their dream homes!

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