Why a Two-Story Home Could Be Right for You

Do you think you know what you want in a house? Many people do, but they don’t actually know the practical implications of their decisions. There are pros and cons with any build, and while one-story homes offer the best solution for accessibility, a two-story home could be right for your family for a variety of reasons. The major benefits of two-story house plans include the reduced cost to build for their size, increased interior space for the amount of lot coverage, and higher windows for daylighting and taking in natural views.

Two-Story Home Benefits

Compared to a one-story design, a two-story home of the same square footage can be significantly less expensive to build. Why? Because the foundation and roof are the costliest parts of construction.  Building a two-story home allows these areas to be smaller since you “stack” your square footage. The more evenly the space is split between the stories, the more you’ll save!

Additionally, shrinking the foundation and roof reduces your lot coverage, allowing you to get more house within the limits set by your locality. Not only do you need to heed these allowed parameters to stay on the right side of the law, but it also helps with drainage. You don’t want rain to have nowhere to go on your property because it’ll end up damaging your house. And as a bonus, you can enjoy a larger yard.

Finally, a two-story home has boosted spaces that can take in farther views. Especially if you invest in an inverted house plan, this will maximize your sights! If you select a home with volume, high ceilings with high windows and/or skylights will also reduce your need for electric lighting during the day. You might be surprised at how the layout can affect your utilities!

We have a huge variety of two-story homes in our collection and you can take a look at some of the newest right here. Chic modern and farmhouse styles are the most popular in 2023!

Modern Two-Story Designs

Need space to spread out? Take a look at House Plan 1331. This beautiful modern contemporary two-story home has 5 bedrooms and 5 1/5 bathrooms. Made for a sloping slot, you’ll find it actually has three levels of living space with the finished walkout basement! It even has a rooftop deck to make the most of that usually wasted view potential. A two-story home like this definitely rewrites expectations! 

Another beautiful luxury home, House Plan 1720 offers 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and an office. It has an inverted layout that places the secondary bedrooms and rec spaces on the entry level while the second floor is dedicated to the main living areas and master suite. This maximizes natural light and views where you want them most! And it also boasts a huge roof deck that looks out over all sides!

Two-Story Farmhouse Designs

The two-story modern farmhouse has proven extremely popular in 2023. We have plenty of photography of House Plan 1066 to help you see why! Experience this beautiful modern farmhouse with 4 bedrooms and 3 ½ bathrooms from inside and out. From the vaulted great room, to the eat-in kitchen with built-in booth seating, to the master suite, you’ll enjoy tons of view-capturing windows on the main level. Volume in the foyer and living areas naturally brightens the interior from front to back. Upstairs, all three bedrooms and the bonus have vaulted ceilings. This gorgeous home has everything a growing family could need!

Need something smaller? Take a peek at this next home that blends modern and traditional features in an affordable 3 bedroom, 1 ½ bathroom layout. The family areas of House Plan 9152 are open and located on the main level while all bedrooms are upstairs. Beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows in the stairway and living room allow for lots of natural light. Sharing one spacious bathroom upstairs also helps reduce building costs!

You should decide on a two-story home over a one-story home only after reviewing what is right for your family. You need to take the pros and cons into consideration and decide what works best for you. Then, explore floor plans. If accessibility is a concern, you may like a two-story home with a main-level master suite, for example. Our experienced Home Plan Advisors can help you navigate the options and find the perfect home for you. Give us a call at 866-214-2242 or jump onto Live Chat and we’ll be pleased to help you.

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