Life Under 500 Square Feet: Benefits of Tiny House Plans

The thought of stepping in your front door and looking around to see everything you own might sound a little different but there are some very good reasons to embrace and love a tiny house plan. We define a tiny house plan as one under 500 square feet which usually consists of just a handful of rooms, usually a kitchen, bedroom and living room. Everything about these rooms has a purpose and is carefully thought out.

tiny house plan
The Great Escape house plan is a tiny house plan at just 480 square feet. With two bedrooms and a kitchen and living area this house really lets you get back to basics.

If you live in a city or other metropolitan area, it might be necessary to have a space this small, but plenty of people prefer these tiny homes over larger ones. Let us explore some of the great reasons to love living in a tiny home.

Less Clutter Living in a tiny house plan means less clutter for you. When you have only a few rooms and limited storage space you have to be selective about just how much stuff you’ve got in the house with you. This tends to discourage impulse shopping and may help to curtail ‘collecting’ and frivolous purchases. This tendency toward reduced clutter and it’s small size means that you’ll spend less time cleaning your house. The time it takes to clean a couple of rooms compared to the time spent cleaning, sweeping and dusting a large home is significantly less.

tiny house plan
The King Fisher house plan is a little over 500 square feet but still has the same character as The Great Escape house plan. With two bedrooms and one bathroom this is the perfect little house for a vacation getaway or for someone who wants to get back to basics.

Easy Maintenance- One person could paint the King Fisher house pictured above in a day or two, easily. Extrapolate this to any maintenance item in or on a home and you’ll see how easy it is to live with a small home.

Lower Energy Consumption- Another benefit of living in a tiny home is that you simply won’t consume as much energy. Since there is less space to be heated/cooled this is a major plus and makes these homes very green in comparison with many larger ones.

More Savings- In addition to lower energy bills, owners of tiny homes enjoy lower property taxes, leaving more money into your pocket for vacations and other fun things.

The end result of this is a genuinely higher quality of life.  Whether you are looking for a tiny home, or you just want to live less large you can find homes under 2,500 square feet in the small house plan collection at the House Designers.

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