Learn About Home Efficiency on Earth Day

Earth Day is a day where many people plant a tree, recycle and try to make an effort to conserve energy, particularly when it comes to their home. This year the Department of Energy is giving citizens a chance to get some home efficiency questions answered by hosting a special Google+ hangout on Monday April 22nd at 3pm.  The live discussions will be streamed on Google+, YouTube and energy.gov/live.

The average American family spends $2,000 per year on their home energy bills. Unfortunately, most of this money is wasted on energy leaks and drafts.  When you consider that the residential sector accounts for 22 percent of energy consumption upgrading your home to be more energy efficient is a great way to save money and minimize your impact on the planet. If you’re building a new home and energy-efficiency and sustainable home building products are on the top of your ‘must have’ features you’ll want to consider browsing through hundreds of stock green house plans to find your dream green home.

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The Wilson Creek House Plan packs a lot of punch into 1,509 square feet. With three bedrooms and two bathrooms this one-story home has a modest footprint with plenty of amenities. With details like a cathedral ceiling and tapered columns, this house plan is sure to give the owners a nostalgic feeling.

The Earth Day Google+ hangout will not only give citizens the opportunity to learn about several new approached to home efficiency upgrades but will also be a platform to share your best energy saving tips with others.

According to recent posting on Energy.gov, “Whether you want tips on increasing the comfort of your home information on rebates and tax credits, or details on how to incorporate solar and other renewable-energy technologies into the home, our panelists are ready to share solutions and advice. Until then, we look forward to viewing your video questions and engaging with you in a lively discussion on energy-saving solutions to benefit both our home and our world.”

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The Morrison house plan is the perfect house plan for families looking for just a little bit more space. The Morrison house plan takes the quaint cottage feel and naturally expands it to a two-story design. The end result is a comfortable bungalow style house plan with a home office and a kitchen with long kitchen countertops.

And after your attend the hangout take your newfound information and visit The House Designers collection of ENERGY STAR® and Green House Plans. These house plans are designed to be affordable and energy efficient without sacrificing style and amenities.  Check out the collection here at The House Designers and you’ll be on your way to living green in no time.

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