How to Properly Use Your Deep Fryer on Thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving Day approaches this Thursday, many people will be preparing turkeys in their ovens. Some people, on the other hand, might try to deep fry their turkey.

You might recall Allstate’s Trouble Never Takes A Holiday Commercial ¬†featuring Dennis Haysbert standing in a leaf-filled backyard in front of a turkey deep fryer informing us that of the 2 million people who deep fried their turkeys last year, 15 succeeded in setting their homes on fire.¬†To avoid that unfortunate fate, here are some quick tips to stay safe with your deep fryer.

This Southern tradition is quickly gaining popularity nationwide, and while it makes for an excellent main dish on Thanksgiving, if you don’t take a few simple precautions you might get a visit from the fire department on Thursday instead of a full stomach.

Pay Attention to Where You Fry

The first rule in deep frying is the same as when you barbecue, do not cook indoors. You will be working with hot oil and propane gas, so make sure your deep fryer is set-up outdoors, in an open space where it won’t be knocked over.

Also, do not fry your turkey on a wood deck, since wood does catch fire easily. Concrete isn’t the best surface either if you are concerned about oil stains. Try to fry on asphalt or a grassy area, but that alone is no guarantee that your house is safe. A few precautions before you set the turkey into the fryer will help as well.

Before You Fry

Before you fry your turkey, set your bird in the fryer and cover it with water till it is about two inches above the turkey. Then take the bird out and measure the water or mark the inside of your fryer. This helps you determine how much oil you will need to fry your turkey. It also helps to minimize spills that can cause fires.

How to Fry

On Turkey Day heat the oil between 325 and 350 degrees Fahrenheit, then slowly lower the turkey into the fryer. This will minimize spills and thus keep the risk of fires to a minimum.

Then, let your turkey fry. Be sure to consult the instructions that came with your deep fryer for guidance on how long to cook your turkey. (It is usually around two to three minutes per pound.)

Remember that once your turkey is done cooking, you are going to need a fabulous kitchen and dining room to cook your side dishes, and have your family gather around for the meal. Check out our collection of fabulous kitchen house plans.

Remember if you are planning to deep fry your turkey, please make sure that you do it safely. Keeping your cooking area clear of spills and other hazards will eliminate a turkey frying disaster and ensure that that dining room table has a lovely entree for the big meal.

Whether you are basting a turkey or setting up a fryer in your driveway, be safe and have a Happy Thanksgiving.



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