Five Favorite Dining Rooms from the Architectural Digest Home Design Show

One of the attractions at Architectural Digest Home Design Show this weekend was the DIFFA Dining by Design gallery. A walk through the gallery showed us different takes on a dining room from the elegant to the avant-garde and modern. It gave us plenty of ideas for how to decorate a dining room in one of our house plans or even an outdoor living area. Here are three of our favorite dining rooms from the Dining by Design Gallery.

Ralph Lauren Dining Room
The Ralph Lauren design in the DIFFA Dining by Design gallery is classically elegant.

Ralph Lauren

Upon entering the DIFFA Dining by Design gallery, we were immediately drawn to the Ralph Lauren display. The setting was mostly white with some soft accents but a series and a series of flameless candles in jars created the perfect mood lighting for a calm dinner. We also really liked the floral chandelier hanging over the table. A floral chandelier won’t work in every setting but we loved the idea of a stunning and unique chandelier to finish the space.

Diane Von Furstenberg Dining Room
The mix of color and patterns in the Diane Von Furstenberg living room was immediately eye-catching.

Diane Von Furstenberg for Kravet Collection

Playing with colors and patterns can be intimidating but Diane Von Furstenberg has it mastered. This dining is brightly colored with a great mix of patterns.  This setting could be perfect as your outdoor living room as an informal dining space. The soft benches and comfortable pillows are inviting and the bright pink tables create a great energy in the space.

2014-03-21 13.44.53-1
Calvin Klein’s take on a dining room reminded us of a minimalist and slightly Asian design.

Calvin Klein

The Calvin Klein display was another display that caught our attention. The table was low and the tones all natural. The result was very understated look that we fell in love with. We thought a dining room like this would be perfect in an Asian inspired home, or for a beautiful outdoor dining room.

2014-03-21 13.41.33-1
White and metallic surfaces with a beautiful lighting fixture drew us to STUDIOS Architecture.

STUDIOS Architecture

STUDIOS Architecture put out contemporary dining room in a design that seemed effortless. A metallic table and simple white place settings made this dining room classic and modern looking.  The basket weave metallic chairs add a touch of texture and a white garland above the table adds a festive touch.

Fashion Institute Of Technology Dining Room
The FIT dining room looking more like a piece of art than a dining room, but we loved it for that.

Fashion Institute of Technology

At first glance the FIT display with in the Dining By Design gallery looked like a rustic shipwreck with a bit of macabre influence. When we looked closer we realized the dining room was themed after Disney’s Pinocchio, particularly the scene where Pinocchio’s ship was swallowed by the whale.  Not only did we think this was a clever design but we loved the elements involved. The ropes and lantern lighting fixture was one of my favorites and the beautiful wooden table with rope on the corners tied it together.

So what was your favorite dining room from the Dining by Design gallery? My personal favorite was the Pinocchio setting by the Fashion Institute for its innovative use on a theme. Share your favorite dining room with us below and then let your creative juices flow by browsing our house plan collections, including our outdoor living collection.

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