Dream Vacation/Retirement Home

I have been a subscriber to The House Designers Dream Designs for the last 3 years. Every week I look forward to seeing the latest house plans offered by this group of very talented designers and architects. I must confess I never had any intention of building my own home – I just love looking and learning about the latest trends and styles in home design.

I am close to retiring and have renovated practically every room in my home over the years, many changes were based on ideas I’ve gotten from The House Designers, particularly their product ideas section featuring very well-written and informative articles and information.

After looking at the latest issue of Dream Designs featuring some of their newest designs, my husband and I decided that we MUST build this home. Lucky for us we already love our land, which is on the coast of Florida, so we plan on simply knocking down our original home and replacing it with the Brunswick.

All I can say is this is a dream home for us – it has gorgeous window designs so we can enjoy the view of the ocean, especially from the roof deck. Every room is open and flexible – perfectly designed for oceanfront living. The outdoor living room is fantastic with a fireplace and large gathering area – and of course the pool and patio is a must have for the grandkids, not to mention the billiards room.

I’m really big on socializing while I cook, which makes this fabulous kitchen with open living space perfect for entertaining or simply chatting with the family. I must say I can’t remember being this excited about a project. Thank you for your inspiration – I will be sure to send you pictures of when our dream home is completed.

This dazzling home features everything you need for indoor/outdoor living.

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