Dazzling Products For Small Bath Spaces

Here are some great design ideas to make a small bathroom appear larger without sacrificing aesthetics, comfort and functionality.

One of the simplest ways to make a small bathroom appear larger is to choose light colors for the decor and the appropriate style and size for your sink design. If you want to add some bright, bold colors to your small bathroom, use accent colors in your border or decorative accessories like mirror frames and bathroom hardware.

Choosing light colors for your bathroom flooring will aid in making your bathroom appear more open and roomier. Some of the more popular colors for bathroom floors are tans, light grays and light blues. By incorporating light colors on your walls and floors, you will have created the basis for a light colored decor that will give your small bathroom design the appearance of a much larger space. Read the entire article in the latest issue of Home Ideas featuring dazzling and eco-friendly new products from top companies like Linkasink®, Newport Brass Company®,Danze®, Delta®, Toto® GRAFF®, and many more.

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