Discreet Smoke Detectors Gain Favor in Homes

These small, unobtrusive smoke detection sampling points replace traditional smoke detectors for improved look and superior fire protection. Smoke detectors are essential for safety and mandated by the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), but bulky traditional models mounted on ceilings or walls can interrupt or ruin the overall design and feel of a space, especially […]

3 Signs You May Need New Gutters

By Fran J. Donegan Gutters are one of the first lines of protection against the elements. Sure, the roof may bear the brunt of a pounding rain, ice or snow, but it’s the gutters’ job to make sure that water moves off of the roof and away from the house. And there can be a […]

Guide to Setting Up Your Above-Ground Pool Equipment

By Fran J. Donegan When compared to an in-ground pool, a large above-ground pool is considerably less expensive—plus it goes up in a fraction of the time it takes to install an in-ground pool. But one thing the two have in common is the need to keep the water clean with various pool equipment. Many […]

Keeping Your Garage Door Opener in Working Order

By Fran J. Donegan Most people don’t associate the term “routine maintenance” with garage doors. But in addition to being battered by the elements, garage doors are opened and closed hundreds of times a year, causing wear and tear on a number of parts, including the garage door opener. Without proper maintenance, a door and […]

Air Filters Demystified

By Jeremy Cook Home air filters are something that you rarely think about. They produce no immediately visible effect, and simply exist to allow air to pass through them. On the other hand, for both human and machine health, they are extremely important both at home and in the workplace. Without these filters, your heating […]

What to Know Before Buying Home Fencing

By Joseph Truini   Homeowners have many different reasons for installing fences. Some want to increase security or gain a little privacy. Others need a fence to corral pets, enclose a swimming pool, define the property line or enhance the curb appeal of their home. Fences are also used to complement gardens, walkways, hedgerows and […]

A Guide to LED Bulbs and Lighting

By Jennifer Tuohy You’ve been convinced by the energy pitch, and enough time has passed since their inception that LED bulbs are now only a few dollars more than your old bulbs (and will last up to 25 times longer). Now what? How do you buy the right LED for your needs? They’re all packaged […]

What’s the Difference: Fiberglass vs. Mineral Wool Insulation

By Joseph Truini For nearly 80 years, fiberglass insulation has been the most popular type of home insulation, and it’s easy to see why: Fiberglass is affordable, easy to install, readily available in a wide variety of sizes and, most importantly, an excellent insulator. Fiberglass insulation is composed of fine glass fibers that are woven, […]