Unique House Plan For Narrow Lot

I find this job very interesting, because I am always helping people find their dream home plan. I recently received a call for a specific house plan request from a woman who was looking for a very narrow house plan to fit on her lot, but didn’t want to sacrifice space. I immediately emailed her our narrow house plan collection to review. I had a specific plan in mind because of its unique design, which was the Kensington I.

The plan offers a drive under garage which was one of her top requests because she wasn’t allowed to park on the street. I knew that this plan would be perfect for her narrow lot, because of its unique side garage entry. Another key attraction to this plan is the front porches, which add to its curb appeal and outdoor enjoyment.

We offer many unique house plans to fit almost any special requirements, particularly when it comes to narrow or sloping lots. And all of our plans come with a free modification quote and a specialized customer service team, ready to answer all your questions to help you find your dream home.

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