Searching For The Perfect Beach House

Well this is my third week of sharing my personal stories about how satisfying it is for me to help people who are excited and anxious to find their new house plan. My first story was about a couple building a retirement home on a ski slope. My second story was about a young girl and her mom starting a new chapter in their lives. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I received an email from a woman who needed help finding a house plan to meet her specific needs.

She recently bought a small lot on a beach on the East Coast. Because building codes are so different for waterfront homes, she needs a house that can be built in a flood zone, that is 25’ by 35,’ with walls which need to be strapped to the roof, so that strong winds don’t blow them off. The challenge is she would like to find a house with a large porch so she can enjoy as much outdoor living as possible. I know that once we find the perfect floor plan, we will need to send it off to our modification department to have it meet the building codes. I have sent her a few plan’s to take a look at, including one of my favorites – the Maple Street House Plan. Imagine yourself rocking on this covered front porch while listening to the waves and feeling the cool ocean breeze. This should be a fun challenge for me to find her the perfect beach house. I shall keep you posted.

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