Picking a Home with Curb Appeal

First impressions are everything, especially with where you live. That’s why picking a home with curb appeal is so critical to homeowners everywhere. While it can be enhanced with tasteful landscaping and finishing touches, curb appeal all begins with the home itself. Consider these simple steps and you too can have a house plan that is the envy of the neighborhood, inside and out!

Whether you want a welcoming front porch or a towering arched entryway, we offer all of the most popular exterior details and more! Before we show the options, just ask yourself, “what do I want to see when I come home every day?” We’ve included these customer-favorite homes, each with their own unique curb appeal, to inspire you!

Curb Appeal for Beginners

Choosing a design that catches the eye is the first step to finding a home with curb appeal. It could be a Craftsman bungalow, a Mediterranean estate, or anything else — what style draws you? We offer designs of all types, but in the end, it’s your choice of finishing touches that sets the tone. The only limit to your home’s final look your imagination.

Check out some of our best-selling plans and appreciate their variety. Even though they come in all shapes and sizes, notice how each one captures your gaze from the first glance! No matter the architectural style, there are a few basic things that you’ll see when it comes to curb appeal.

Symmetry and Balance

Picking a home with curb appeal
House Plan 3417
2,483 Square Foot, 3 Bed, 2.1 Bath Lake Cottage Plan

One of the most common ways to create curb appeal is through symmetry. Architects have been using this technique for millennia! Truly symmetrical facades are common in colonial and other historical designs, but some of today’s most popular designs, like THD-3417 (above), feature a large entryway or grand front staircase followed by a wonderful display of balanced features to either side. Notice how the doors to the attached 2-car garage are on one side, while the large windows give a touch of symmetry to the other.

Plan 6055 - Front Rendering
House Plan 6055
1,643 Square Foot, 3 Bed, 2.0 Bath L-Shaped Modern Plan

Symmetrical doesn’t mean boring or plain. In fact, it’s quite the opposite! Check out some of our favorite contemporary homes like THD-6055 that incorporate balanced design elements in new and exciting ways.

A Key Feature or Highlight

Many customers in the process of picking a home with curb appeal end up deciding on a plan with the key feature they fall in love with. This could be a jaw-dropping window that floods a grand staircase in natural light. Or it could be a dramatically defined roofline, or an old-fashioned welcoming porch. Identify the feature that resonates with you!

Picking a home with curb appeal
House Plan 1933 (see a tour on YouTube!)
7,395 Square Foot, 6 Bed, 5.2 Bath Mediterranean Design

A refined and all-around luxurious home, we can’t get enough of THD-1933. This Mediterranean-style plan has several exterior highlights that contribute to its curb appeal. Look at that welcoming motor court and the stunning double-door entryway — this home is designed to amaze.

Explore some design options and take note of key features that you like about each home. This can help narrow the search if you feel overwhelmed!

Little Details Make All the Difference

As the saying goes, a little bit can go a long way. The same is true for finding the perfect home with ample curb appeal. You don’t necessarily need a large estate or a strikingly unique plan to achieve your perfect exterior design. Simple things like the type of windows, front door(s), and columns can make a world of difference. Consider talking with one of our designers or your builder to incorporate refined touches such as brick, stone, or even exposed wood into your home’s façade.

A great family home, look at how THD-7369 incorporates many of these simple elements. The result? Tons of curb appeal at an affordable price!

Look for Flair When Picking a Home with Curb Appeal

No matter what style or design you choose, your home is a unique reflection of your tastes. Everyone has different preferences and ideas of what makes the perfect plan. The key is finding the plan that has just enough flair and attention to detail that when people see it, they recognize its beauty, too.

If you need some inspiration, check out some more of our all-time favorite plans with tons of curb appeal!

If you ever need help or have any questions about choosing your dream home, please feel free to reach out. Our talented designers and advisors have years of experience finding and perfecting plans that are unforgettable and totally unique!

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