Lot Size Helps Decide Building Up Or Out

Your lot size will play a major role in the home plans you can choose from while still accommodating the space you need for everyday living. Narrow lots can accommodate homes that go two stories or higher while an open lot may better feature one-story rambling houses. 

House plans for lots that are born in a country setting, with sloping landscaping or that features the potential for a panoramic view, may include large picture windows to take advantage of the available views. Perhaps an outdoor deck to showcase the landscape can be added to the home plans from the beginning or added to an existing set of blueprints.

Consider the number of cars you currently own, as well as how many you will probably have to find space for in the future, and consider how big a garage you will need. Narrow lots may not accommodate space to house them all indoors and your garage may end up being built as part of the lower floor. If this is the case, you will want to consider the room above the garage and, if it is to be a bedroom, you probably do not want to wake up the baby every time the garage door opener is activated or every time a car is started. 

If the lot will allow, perhaps the driveway can circle the home and enter into a garage or open parking area at the rear of the house. Even adding a carport to the home plans in the back can help protect your vehicles while supplying the room to house them all. 

You will also want to check on local zoning as some communities have rules concerning the number of vehicles allowed to be housed outdoors. This would necessitate the need for additional garage space and could eliminate your use of the home plans you have your heart set on.

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