Home Styles To Meet Personal Preferences

With so many options available for house plans, it should be easy to find a home design that meets your needs when you are ready to build your new house. Whether a ranch house, a rambling two-story or a storybook style home, there are house plans to fit every taste. 

In years past, many people were limited in their home selection based on the available land they had on which to build. Many communities had lots developed, which were sold as individual building lots and offered a few selections of home designs that would fit onto the pre-determined lots. If a person wanted a larger home, they could buy two or more lots, but usually the individual lot prices made this prohibitive. 

Once the lots were filled, people started moving into areas further away and looking at house plans that offered them more room and less restricted lot size. Especially young families having an eye on expansion, wanted house plans that could be enlarged later if the need arose. By choosing house plans and adjusting the basic structure to allow for additions while the home is being built, it can make the possibility of additions easier and less costly in the future. 

Unfortunately, many believe that once house plans are put on paper, they have to live with the results. With a few minor alterations, most house plans can be changed to meet the individual needs and wants of the buyer. Not everyone may want a 30-foot wall in the living room, and either adding another partition or opening a portion of that wall may add the private space to meet someone else’s preferences. 

Another example could be windows and many kitchens with a backyard view have two smaller windows in the main wall. Some may choose to replace the two smaller ones with a large bay or bow window to add to the exterior aesthetics of the house.

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