Live in an ADU While Building Your Dream Home

Creating your ideal home is exciting, but the construction process can be time-consuming and riddled with unexpected delays. As you embark on this journey, you may wonder where to stay during the construction period. Living in an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) on your property is an increasingly popular and practical solution. Let’s take a look at the benefits an ADU can provide while you build your brand-new home!


Building a dream home represents a substantial financial commitment and involves various expenses. Opting to reside in an ADU on your property enables savings on additional rent or temporary housing costs during your primary residence’s construction. And you can make the most of it in the future, too! One of the best advantages of an ADU is that you can still utilize the space as an in-law/guest suite or rental property after your primary residence is built. Think of it as an expense that will be paid back later!

Convenient Supervision

Being on-site during your build gives you the opportunity to supervise the construction process closely. You can address any concerns or changes promptly, ensuring your dream home aligns with your vision. Living on-site can also deter theft and vandalism, safeguarding your burgeoning structure and the materials yet to go into it.

Although you won’t live directly in the construction zone, remember that you will be quite close by. Be prepared for noise that comes along with building! Of course, most activity will occur during regular working hours, so you’ll miss a lot of it unless you work from home.

Shorter Commutes

If your new home construction is on the property where you already live, you’ll have no commute to the building site. It may seem minor, but many homeowners struggle to find time to visit during construction with everything else going on in their lives. So, cut the commute to save valuable time and reduce stress during the building process!

Perhaps you’re building your dream home closer to work? An ADU is a superior choice to reduce your commute than if you had to stay further from the office during your construction phase. You could enjoy that shorter driving time even sooner!

Sustainable Living

Many ADUs are designed with sustainability in mind. They offer efficient, eco-friendly construction and amenities that can make your temporary stay comfortable and environmentally responsible. And this will be an attractive feature to future potential tenants as the demand for sustainable and eco-friendly living grows. You won’t have any trouble finding somebody who will love to move in!

Living in an ADU while your dream home is under construction is a savvy choice that offers convenience, cost savings, and peace of mind during the building process. So, make sure to consider taking the time to build one first! It’s a practical way to oversee your project and make your dream home a reality. Or perhaps you already have a home but you’re interested in adding value to your property? Contact us today to find your dream ADU in any case!

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