Homes Designed With A Mother’s Touch

With Mother’s Day around the corner it is only fitting that we recognize the women who truly make a house a home. From the cozy living room filled with pictures and keepsakes to the sweet smells of a home cooked dinner in a well-designed kitchen to the worn rocking chair in the corner of a master suite overlooking the backyard – these are just a few of the special rooms that mother’s love to spend their time in.

It is no surprise that when it comes to building a home and selecting a house plan that over 60% of house plans are bought by woman. They know how much space they need in their new home to make it functional, yet appeal to their tastes. They know exactly what they need – a large kitchen with cooking area and breakfast counter, a large dining room for special occasions, an open floor plan with lots of room to makes changes down the road and an outdoor living space to host birthday parties. Every mother needs and wants more than one full bathroom so they can expedite their mornings with the kids and privately pamper themselves at night.

Our latest issue of Dream Designs is a nod to our female designers, who have taken their motherly instincts to the drawing board to create some of the most beautiful and practical house plans in our collection.

2 thoughts on “Homes Designed With A Mother’s Touch

  1. Thanks for your Mother’s Day newsletter. Last year we purchased THD-NEH-7095 after months of looking at house plans. My mom had to have a double hip replacement and we felt it was time she moved in with the family. I was a little concerned about living with my mom, but it has been a God send to all of us. The house is my dream home while allowing for plenty of privacy for my mom and the rest of us. Not only is she spending quality time with her grandchildren but we are all benefiting from living in this beautiful home. And we actuallly came in under budget which made my husband very happy. Thank you for your perfect plan for our family. May every mother be as happy as I am!

    • We are so glad that you were able to find a design from our in-law suites house plans collection that gave you and your mom enough privacy, yet allowed for you to both enjoy living together again. I’m certain she is very happy to be with her family, especially the grandchildren. And I’m sure you’re glad to have that extra pair of motherly hands around your new home.

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