Home Plans Best if they are a Good Fit

When you are looking at home plans and you know the neighborhood in which you are planning to build, drive around and take a look at existing homes. This will give you an idea of what different styles of homes look like on different lot sizes.

You can also consider sloped lots, which offer a range of possibilities for single and two level home plans. A one-level plan can be set on a hilly lot with the first floor entrance on the main level of the ground. As the ground slopes away, a family room in the basement can be designed to open onto the lower level of the ground.

This type of home plans cam be worked so that you can have an entryway on both levels of the ground. It also opens the door to a large deck in the back of the house, lot size permitting, while still maintaining the basic single level design.

These home plans can also be used with two story homes as well as split level designs. Providing the home plans are adjusted, so that part of the structure that is originally designed to be below grade has the proper foundation reinforcement to withstand being open on the outside.

There may be a need to rotate the plans on the lot to accommodate a driveway which could involve adjusting the floor plans. For example, if you place the home on a sloping lot and the original drawings call for the driveway on the lower side of the lot, by reversing the floor plans, the driveway will be placed on the opposite side to entry from the garage would be on the first floor instead of into the basement.

This would also leave the other side open for use as a family room, or changing room leading into a family swimming pool.

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