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Deciding on how to heat your home will affect comfort, energy costs, air quality and the safety of a home for years to come. Since it’s a costly installation to any new home it makes good economic sense to look carefully at energy efficiency. Heating alone can account for more than 40 percent of your household energy costs, for larger homes and families, it’s as high as 65 percent.

When it comes to deciding how to heat your hot water, you first need to determine how much hot water your home will utilize on a daily basis – showers, dishwashers, washing machines. Then you’ll need to decide how to fire up your hot water – solar, gas or electric. With basically three popular choices available, choosing your hot water heating system should be no sweat.

Here are seven tips from the Comfort Institute to make your home an energy sipper instead of a gas guzzler. They will help you save money, improve comfort and help the environment too.

Last Modified on February 15, 2012
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