Gorgeous Landscape Designs

When it comes to landscaping your home it is important that each element blends together to create a soothing, restful and beautiful addition to your property. Creating a basic landscape design is very similar to decorating the interior of your home. It can be just as much fun and inspiring if you have a solid plan.

The first thing you’ll want to do is take a good look around your property and jot down your landscaping needs. Consider what you want from your landscape design — simply aesthetics, outdoor living spaces like a pool/patio, children’s playground or vegetable garden. Once you decide on how you want to use your space you can begin to work on a design. Look for inspiration from home & garden magazines and websites and house plans that feature gorgeous landscape designs and photography.

The latest issue of Home Ideas features some great ideas and tips to help you create a relaxing, personalized and eye-catching outdoor design, as well as how to create a home garden.

Enjoy great curb appeal with this perfectly landscaped property, which also features a rear outdoor living space with kitchen.

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