Bathroom Countertops

Since most bathroom countertops are custom made, you can be very creative with your specific bathroom decor. There plenty of different colors, patterns, and materials to pick from.

Plastic laminate is available in virtually any color and texture. It is the most commonly used and least expensive.

Ceramic and porcelain tile would be the most versatile material to use for your countertop. You can create specific looks, such as contemporary, retro, traditional, rustic, country, and more.

Corian and solid surfacing is made of either a pure acrylic product or a polyester-acrylic mix. The most common is Dupont’s Corian, which is 100% synthetic.

Granite slabs hold their weight and look great, but cost the most. If you truly want the look of granite, but can’t handle the cost, try opting for granite tiles.

Composite stone is a rival to granite and has become very fashionable. It is a synthetic stone composite made of 90% quartz particles and 10% acrylic or epoxy binder.

Finally, although wood is attractive and versatile, it is very vulnerable to water damage and is hard to clean – especially in the bathroom. If you really want a wood countertop in your bathroom be sure it’s well sealed with polyurethane or marine varnish.

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