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ISSUE #: 608 5-18-2023
The Benefits of Bathroom Skylights

If you'd like to add skylights to your home, be sure to look beyond the typical great room application! Despite not being a main living area, bathrooms are actually one of the best places to install skylights because they add a ton of practical value. Here's what you can look forward to!

Consider Roof Windows for Manual Operation

Due to the construction of the walls and roof, some rooms aren't suited to regular windows. Enter roof windows, a special category that can light from above, open for fresh air, and even count as a point of egress! They are similar to skylights, but you'll find different types that open from the top, side, or by pivoting at the midpoint on the frame. Be sure to consider roof windows, if you have the structure for them!
Tiny Collection | House Plan 2349

One of the easiest ways to reduce the need for electric lighting and shrink your utility bills is to invest in a smaller house. Going tiny can give you even better results! House Plan 2349 makes an exceptionally budget-friendly choice—it offers 442 square feet in a one-story, rectangular layout surrounded by efficient 2x6 framing. The open living space, bedroom, and bathroom could serve a minimalist individual or couple well. This and other plans in our collection make awesome standalone homes and ADUs!

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