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ISSUE #: 549 11-5-2021
Using Stone to Create a Biophilic Design

Are you drawn to the natural environment? Perhaps you'd like to incorporate some scenic elements into your home to feel connected to the world around you and promote a more peaceful vibe? Here are some ideas that can make your home stand out as a beautiful example of biophilic design!

Stone Profiles to Suit All Kinds

No matter your preferred aesthetic, you'll find lovely stone options at Eldorado Stone. Odd shapes and dark colors create a more rustic and natural look, but there are also plenty of profiles that stack neatly for a clean, contemporary impression. Consider nationwide and regional color blends to find the perfect complement for your whole home, inside and out!
Mountain Collection | House Plan 8824

If you love nature, you'll find plenty to appreciate among our mountain designs! These homes are made to adapt to rugged land and actually come in a variety of styles—would you prefer a rustic log home that utilizes natural materials or something more modern with tons of windows to take in views? Some designs, like House Plan 8824, offer the best of both worlds, so see what inspires you!

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