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ISSUE #: 547 10-22-2021
Laundry Appliances Tailored to Your Needs

Whether laundry is your favorite chore or you leave it at the bottom of your to-do list, having the perfect laundry appliances can completely change your experience. Today's options aren't the one-size-fits-all models of the past, so get acquainted with the possibilities to find the right fit for your household!

A Top-Load Washer That Adjusts for Different Loads

Can't decide between a regular top-load washer with an agitator or a high-efficiency model without one? You don't have to choose anymore! Whirlpool® has a new washer with a removable agitator that allows you to change how it cleans at will. You can take the agitator out to make room for bulky items, or to give delicates a gentler wash, and then pop it back in to give soiled clothes the deeper clean they need.
Laundry Preferences | House Plan 2029

Do you know where you want your laundry room to be? Use our Advanced Search to find house plans that meet your requirements! You'll find check boxes for main-level and second-story laundry rooms, because we know people like to keep chores centralized and/or convenient for their needs. For example, House Plan 2029 features a main-level laundry room positioned between the garage and the kitchen, making it easy to intercept messes coming in and stay on stop of laundry and cooking at the same time. Think about where you'd like to have your laundry!

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